Our team

Our founding core team has been working together on the Solar Soaker since 2018. Get to know who we are.

Nicole Maarse

Co-founder, passionate about impact and sustainability, responsible for general management, local operations, business strategy, and communications/branding & sales management.

“I believe the solar soaker can have a major impact on the lives and position of women all over the world, just like the washing machine did for women in economically fortunate countries. This is an awesome prospect and that is what will work towards with passion.”


Dr. Leonard Flendrig

Co-founder and inventor of the solar soaker, responsible for solar soaker and detergent technology and manufacturing.

“The SolaSoka continues to inspire as a cost effective laundry device with the ability to empower and liberate women in developing countries the same way as the automatic washing machine did for Western women many decades ago.“


Dr. Maarten van Herpen

Co-founder, avid innovation facilitator for Africa - responsible for business strategy, market research, innovation, and partnerships.

"In the past years I have worked on a lot of social impact innovations, and what excites me about the solar soaker is that it may be the easiest to scale and may have the biggest impact of them all"


Ivan Englaut

Project consultant Uganda, engineer with a weak spot for human-centered design and social innovation.

"The SolaSoka might look deceptively simple to anyone who sees it the first time and justifiably so. However there is no doubt the clever innovation behind its design has the potential for a positive impact in the way the majority of us in the global South do laundry"