Our mission

We believe that liberation from hand-washing of laundry will empower women, because they can then use their time and on other income-generating, self-developmental and more dignified activities.

The Solar Soaker - Our vision

Our vision is that women all over the world have access to our innovation; the Solar Soaker. This includes primarily those who cannot afford an automated washing machine, and those who do not have continuous access to a power source.

We provide access to an affordable, solar-heated washing device that uses the heat of the sun and enzyme-rich detergent to clean the clothes, either at home or through a small laundromat or launderette business model.

Group of washing ladies running dobies

A group of washer ladies running existing dobbies or launderettes in Kampala have been using the Solar Soakers. They have increased their income by 50%.

The introduction of the electric washing machine has historically impacted the position of women in high-income countries. The activity itself has gained dignity and more men do laundry now. More women are participating on the regular job market (empowerment, equality, education).

We strive to

'Liberate women from the burden of washing laundry by hand'

We aim to do so by reducing time & effort spent on laundry, but also by enhancing ease-of-use, washing performance, safety and the general dignity of the task itself. The Solar Soaker can be used both for laundry tasks done in private or household settings and in service settings, such as small laundry businesses or health centres.

Women working for Healthy Entrepeneurs

Micro-entrepreneurs selling personal care products from Healthy Entrepreneurs.

Gender equality

In line with our mission we aim to contribute to gender equality. Every is equal.. We support those whose position in society can be strengthened by the Solar Soaker (women). We practice what we preach, so in our operation and communications this will be apparent.


Doing laundry itself is not an environmentally friendly activity. However, we aim to make the activity and our operation (laundry, but also production of device, detergent, transport) as environmentally friendly as possible.


In everything we do we take into account the most vulnerable people with the biggest need, such as the poor and people affected by conflict.